Growing up attending Greenleaf Elementary, Falcon Ridge Middle School, and Eastview High School, Erin understands how great our public schools can be. That is why Erin is committed to supporting and working with parents, teachers and administrators to make sure every student can achieve their fullest potential. To make sure this is possible, Erin will fight to properly fund our schools on a state level, reducing property taxes impacting so many families in our community. During college, while tutoring in District 196, Erin saw first hand how important it is to make sure that each student arrives to school safe, healthy, and ready to learn. Childhood hunger in Minnesota can no longer be a silent issue, and Erin will work with our legislature to end food insecurity in our communities and make all-day pre-K a reality for every family in Minnesota. To keep our economy growing, Erin will fight to freeze college tuition and allow students to refinance student loans the same way large corporations and CEOs can.